Wires missing on breakers

These are labeled on the panel but the wires are missing? Not sure what to make of it. Never seen this.

No problem move on

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Can you give me any more background? If a client asks I’m not sure ‘no problem move on’ will work for them lol…

It ain’t hooked up to anything. There’s no danger about it. The filler plates cost more than a breaker for open breaker slot. I recommend my client to put a breaker in there stead of the filler plate.
Did I answer your question okay?

You’ve stated that they’re “labeled on the panel” what did the label say?

Just for the record, I tell my customers all the time “I am not concerned about that” and I move them along.

But, understanding why is important.

However, improperly labeled or identified circuits is a problem and should be corrected.

Don’t let people talk you into problems that do not exist and don’t let people talk you out of problems that do exist.

You know what, the label says SPARE… I overlooked that. I was under the impression it was ‘spare bedroom’ We’re good!

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Typically when it says “spare” it’s a spare circuit breaker. When it says “space” it’s a blank slot.

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Where the hell do you shop at? I pay no more than a buck a piece!!