Wires ran from electrical box in the gagage..?

Should these wire be enclosed in conduit ? To the right of washer.

Dave… what are they? Are they 24V from a transformer to a sprinkler? Malibu lights and timer?

I dont know…

Poor resolution image

I’m looking at it on a lil bigger screen and still can’t really tell. Sorry Dave. If I had to guess, that box looks like a pathway to the exterior… not so much a take off from an outlet.

As far as conduit… well, wires should be protected where they’re subject to physical damage. Which happens or is accomplished in different ways.

As a general rule, if it’s permanently wired/attached, it should be of appropriate material and protected from damage. In CA, there aren’t really any circ’s I could think of where that SJ cord (if it is) or similar would be appropriately installed there, along the wall, being line voltage. There are other factors to consider if it’s low voltage.

If it’s anything other than low-voltage Malibu lighting or doorbell transformer wire (or any other low-voltage wires), yes. I know of one lawsuit here from back in '05 or so where the home inspector was sued for not telling his clients that electrical wires lower than seven feet need to be protected.