Wiring at 60 amp breaker

Hey All,

Can someone explain to me if it matters whether you have a red and black wire connected to a 60 amp breaker compared to two black wires?

No idea what is being fed but very common as most cables have a red ,black, white and a ground .
You as a home inspector should know that .
I do recommend you get some serious electrical training immediately

Hi Roy,

Yes I do understand that most wires have red, black, white, ground wires. What I saw today was a double pole 60 amp breaker feeding an ac unit that had black wire at both poles instead of one red, one black? Thanks

There could be several reasons why they were both black, what was the wiring method feeding the AC unit? Is it possible that one conductor was white and re-identified with black tape? Also photo’s help.

The colors of the phases in your situation is irrelevant. Now if the conversation was about Grounded Conductors or Equipment Grounding Conductors or the infamous Hi-Leg of a Delta System then we can talk.

Also if it was a case where we had to justify a color scheme (outside of the scope of the NEC, personal choice) to meet something like the requirements of identification of systems and such…we can also talk.

However, simply the choice of red and black or black and black on a 240V circuit is not a problem.