wiring diagram needed

greetings, a friend is selling his house and im helping him sort a few things. everything is done except this outlet. GFCI in the kitchen thats powering two switches downstream. one switch is cabinet lighting, other is a disposal. (i know the disposal should have its own circuit, but didnt mention that yet)

GFCI > switch (disposal) > switch (cabinet lights)

upon opening, saw none of the neutrals in use, they were just nutted together? hot appears wired correctly. grounds are connected, but this is where i believe the problem is. i can take the switches out of the equation and make the GFCI operate properly, but once a load is hooked up, the outlet continually trips.

can someone send me a diagram just so i can compare to this. im going to take it all apart and redo, just want to make sure its going to be right.


Well not knowing EXACTLY what wires exist in each box it would be impossible to draw up a diagram. There is no “stock” diagram for every conceivable wiring scenario.

The main problem here are that the disposal and any lighting CANNOT by code be on with the counter receptacles.

Have him find a better (correct) way to wire this.

Why would you take on this liability when it is obvious you don’t understand what you are doing???

Order this book http://www.amazon.com/Basic-Wiring-Repair-Improvement-Updated/dp/0783538626 that way when the electrian that you need to hire shows up you can have a basic understanding of what he is telling you and why he has to charge what he does.:smiley: