Wiring Questions

I was at an inspection today that had several instances of exposed romex wiring. I recommended having them protected and was just wondering if I was being too picky. Some of them ran on the wall, some on porch rafters, and others under the sink. Would ya’ll recommend protecting these? Also, If a house has two prong outlets but has an updated service panel should all of the plugs and wiring been upgraded also. Is there any point in a remodel or upgrade where everything should be upgraded or should I just recommend adding GFCI receptacles?


If the wiring is subject to physical damage it should be protected. Sometimes it is a judgement call.

If a service panel has been upgraded, it does not mean that the homes curcuits need to be changed. Correctly wired 2 wire circuits are still okay today.

The outdoor exposed wire should of been done in emt conduit to protect from physical damage. I hope the outdoor cable was not romex but at least type uf rated outdoor wire. If it was located high on the house this will have to be your judement call. Replacement of the panel does not require the replacement of all the two prong outlets in the house. You can just recommend the replacement from two prong to three prong for safety reasons alone. When we do a renovation in a particular room in the house, we would replace two to three prong in that room but strongly suggest to do the rest of the house at that time.

Thanks for the help. And Rick it was outdoor cable not regular romex.