wiring types 4 point Citizens rejects

Strange call…4 point inspection in Pinellas Park last month. I use the Nachi form…only approved form that I know of except the new citizens form. Any way it got kicked back because I didn’t mention wiring type. Aluminum branch circuits … . No My question is…is their another type of wiring that citizens knows of that I don’t. Must I mention copper.

Recap…to avoid a hassle I will enter in the comment field In big letters Wiring type Copper . Till I can get an update to my Nachi form

Agent called underwriting and told them the Nachi form is the only approved form besides the new citizens form. He says it doesn’t have wiring type…not approved anymore. Nick…

Citizens will accept any 4pt as long as it has AT LEAST the same or more information than their suggested form. I am curious as to why this is an issue for Nick? Add copper to your form and move on.

Yes there’s a very good sized comment box where you can enter that sort of information. I basically took citizens form and modeled it for my needs. And always place comments in the box in order for them not to even think about questioning something.


We used to have the only approved form…Have you included wiring types on your Nachi form. Are there other issues about the Nachi form that we are not aware of? or are they just picking on me…BTW this is an east coast allstate agent writing a policy here on the west coast. I knew something was amiss when he told me to use the citizens form and I stuck to my guns insisting the Nachi form was a citizens approved form.

there are many “approved” forms. Fabi, Nahi, or one that you make up on your own. AS LONG AS it has the same or more information as the citizens suggested form.

If an underwriter asks for verification of wiring type (even if I noted NO aluminum) I just type in Copper. It happens… takes 2 minutes to add it.

I sometimes… type it in just to cover my bases.

Thanx Michelle but I didn’t know this was an issue. If there is no aluminum what other type could it be. sheesh I hope they all don’t come back. :roll:

Citizens will accept the InterNACHI 4 Pt Form, but you need to state if it is Branch Circuit, Knob & Tube or what not…

We put copper wiring on every form when the house has all copper wiring. It is what they want. If you dont they will keep getting kicked back.

The modified Tower Hill form I use has a place for wire type and I mark “copper” if it is copper.


Tom I have been using the Citizens on all my 4 points now regardless of carrier. Stopped using the NACHI form once theirs came out just cause I didn’t want any drama from agents or underwriting on acceptability, etc. I have a fillable if you need one, just email me.

Thanks Glen…Just a little ticked off that the form was sent back because it didn’t mention copper. Time to use the official form.

Both Citizens and InterNACHI Florida Four-Point Inspection forms are downloadable from http://www.nachi.org/4point.htm.

In both PDF and editable MS Word formats.

Ben, I don’t see the Citizens 4pt form in Word format. Does anybody have a clean copy of it in Word?

Tom, little stuff happens all the time. The forms do not always match exactly what they are looking for on their end. You should have told them that wires are not aluminum because that was on the form they must be all made of mercury.

Thanx John…but it’s the little stuff that makes us look incompetent.

And why has this only happened to me. It seems someone should have known that wiring types on the Nachi Form is missing. Is this an agent thing or an underwriting thing. I had a wind mit rejected because I didn’t show a shiner for dimensional Lumber. I found out it was the agent not underwriting requesting the info.

Anyway… when someone updates the Nachi form to include wiring types and secondary roof info, I could use a copy. My PDF skills are horrible.

You missed the point, it is not needed, the underwriter did not understand that if it is not aluminum it is copper. If you want to add it just type it in. Are you going to add lines for dog bread(s), fences, fire hydrants, pools, spas, trampolines, diving boards, slides and trees? Reality is we are doing a standard four point, if they want more information they can just ask and you can decide to provide it or not(your choice). Every insurance company has some different underwriting guidelines and your form can never keep up with the changes. We have done tons of these and there is ALWAYS questions, answer them and move on. Now if it comes up consistently with more than one company I would change the form, but it does not.

Tom, it doesn’t only happen to you. It has happened to me several times…all I do is say ok… This underwriter wants this particular info… I will add it… every underwriter is different… Put as much as you can… And then add additional info as required by each underwriter… That is the BEST we can do…WE ARE NOT MIND READERS … WE CANNOT KNOW what each underwriter will want from week to week… BE FLEXIBLE. Roll with the punches and don’t take it personally. Otherwise you will stress yourself out.


I totally agree with Michelle, it happens to me all the time just add what they want and move on to the next, make them happy, make the client happy and in the end it makes me happy…its not just you :slight_smile:
PS----Hi Michelle, hope your doing well :cool: