Wisconsin non-profit announces low cost thermal imaging training.


David A Nice
WiNACHI President.
Wisconsin InterNACHI Chapter
2129 N 66th Street
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
Phone: 414-979-6053


Milwaukee, WI (January 1, 2010) – The non-profit, Wisconsin Chapter of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (http://www.winachi.com) is hosting a Thermal Imaging & Building Science course on January 29 & 30 at the course at the Pettit National Ice Center in Milwaukee.

Home & building inspectors, contractors, insurance adjustors, energy auditors, or anyone interested in the field of thermal imaging, can participate in this high quality thermal imaging training for a fraction of the cost of commercial training.

We live and work in buildings that can develop quality and performance issues during construction and maintenance that can have a negative affect on the comfort and safety of the occupants.

Concealed, missing, damaged or poorly performing insulation, poor HVAC performance or distribution or air-leakage around the perimeter of the building envelope can lead to excessive energy use. Hidden leaks, condensation and ice damage to sloped roofs can result in moisture damage, structural performance problems, mold growth or other health related issues including “sick building syndrome”. Invisible hot spots in electrical wiring and system can be dangerous. All these major problems can be difficult to diagnose and correct by conventional means.

No matter what type of building, infrared cameras can provide an extraordinary, nondestructive account of construction details, building performance and potential hazards.

“Our goal in providing this course, is to address the growing need for qualified building thermographers. Home inspectors and others in related professions have been adversely affected by the crash of the “housing bubble”. We hope to enable professionals to offer thermal imaging services at a much lower cost than comparable commercial training, without sacrificing quality”; explained Scott LeMarr, WiNACHI Vice-President.

More information about the course is available online at http://www.winachi.com, or call David Nice at 414-979-6053. info@winachi.com

Nick, will this be coming to Chicago?

Yep. Contact the Chicago Chapter. Also will qualify for 12 state CE hours.

Hope this helps;

Full dislosure: I authored the course and teach it. I helped John McKenna author his course *the first 4 hours" and re-wrote most of that and completely wrote the rest, No offense fo John, but this course is much more in depth, especially for inspectors in colder weather climates. In this area, we actually have weather and seasons. :mrgreen:

Hope this helps;

Got pricing and dates. 5 and a half hours is a bit of a drive, but I might be able to make it.

Or get the Chapter down there to run it. I have been down to that area before.

I don’t charge much :mrgreen:

Realize, this is a pretty intensive course. It is DEFINATLY not a “sleeper course”.

There is even some math! :mad:

There will be four tests! You really will have to get involved and work.

The chapter down here currently is Billy and I and maybe one other person. Since Billy is in WI getting ready to ship out to Bagdad, there isn’t a lot of demand. I’ll start another thread, and see if there are others in the area that would want it… PM me the cost’s and I’ll see if we can drum up the demand.

Or call Dave Nice and ask for a discount (course and hotel).

Yes anyone that has to travel more than 4 hours, give me a call at my office 414-979-6900 or email me from the message board, and we will see what we can do as far as a additional discount goes.

Would you please post the details for us to consider?

Dates, times, costs, location, suggested hotel, etc.

All the information can be found at http://www.winachi.com This is not our regular site. This site is currently dedicated to events.

The works: Course outline, dates, times, location, directions, lodging and cost.

You can also contact me from the site for more information or to request a travel discount.