With any thread designed to publicly congratulate a member... help him/her out.

Don’t harm the fellow member by bringing up something or someone that isn’t germane to the topic and that could blemish the announcement.

In other words: Don’t rain on someone else’s parade.

Congratulations Nick!
Excellent Post

I think that great now if some one does not folloow the rules what happens or does it just get ignored like it has happened in the past … Roy

It’s not a rule. It’s common decency.

We provide a members-only, “Not for Everyone” forum, out of the public eye and not visible to google for heated, non-germane discussion between members.

You mean like YOU?

You disingenuous old fool

You are the very reason that thread went downhill. :roll::roll::roll:

We need a Michael & Roy forum, out of* everyones* view.

If you were attacked unprovoked by Roy publicly , would you cower in the corner or fight?

I agree Chris, And here it goes again, when will this bashing stop?

When someone is willing to admit that letting Roy back in was a very bad idea Marcel.

Staying away from him Mike could be a good start. Not too many others have a problem with Roy. :slight_smile:

Which is exactly what I was doing until **Roy publicly attacked me **in a thread started to honor another member.

If he wants that in a members only area I have no problem with it but not in public.

Wake up Marcel

Fortunately, I have been awake for quite a few years.

So you think it is just fine what Roy did? :frowning:

I like how the ignore thing works myself Marcel lol

Thanks Wayne, I do have too much respect for Jay Markanich to continue any further conversation that is so obsessed with another member anyways. :slight_smile:

Well Myself i did not see what happen, I been Kinda opting out myself on the Non HI posts. Well unless one really gets under my skin that is.
Not worth it
Take care Marcel

The Threads have taken on much more Drama and Dynamics
we originally envisioned…

That said…
game on…

Reading this makes it obvious why Jay has no desire to associate with stooges.