Withdrawl From Coalition Agenda

Hi to all Florida Members:

Due to recent correspondence sent to me from specific members of the coalition, I have found no other choice but to be opposed to the most current licensing bill that the coalition has endorsed to be introduced in the special legislative session. The proposal that I posted a few weeks ago have changed to the point it mirrors the Dempsey Bill. This was all done without a vote from NACHI representation.

I encourage all Florida NACHI members to be prepared to go where we have in the past. Fight any legislative effort that will be in violation of the Sunrise Act.

I have begun the formulation of launching a Class Action Suit to block legislation that violates the Sunrise Act.

While I have not withdrawn my willingness to continue to be a part of the process, I am quite disappointed on the flip flop some of the key members of the coalition have displayed.

I have sent the coalition my intent of posting my public comments for all to read.

There is currently one Bill filed SB440 regarding mold legislation. No Home inspector Bill has been sponsored yet.

As always, I will continue to keep the NACHI membership posted.

Hi to all,

Jay I share your disappointment, but it has been apparent that some members of the “Coalition” have been acting in less than good faith.

I for one support your descision to remove yourself from the coalition in the light of current events.

For those who are not aware Jay has put himself out greatly to support our members interests in this state and should be applauded for his professionalism.



Jay Thank you for all your work and your dedication to help ensure that no inspectors are put out of business.

Jay…you walked away with your integrity intact. Good job.

Now, roll up your sleeves and get back to work…defeating any chance of this happy horse s h i t becoming law.

Jay… you are a giant in my eyes. I so look up to you.


You have once again proven yourself to be a leader and as always when presented with the data you have made the most logical choice, you have my complete support and respect; furthermore, if there is anything I can do to help please don’t hesitate to ask.

When all is said & done it may turn out once again that NACHI, ASHI and FABI will once again be fighting against the same legislation even if it is not for the same reasons.

Thanks again for all of your hard work,



I’m proud of you. You da man! Go get 'em.

Thank you for your hard work. As Joe said, please contact me if I can help in opposing legislation.

Steve Taylor
Taylor Inspection Services, Inc.
Amelia Island, Florida 32034

That says it all. Good job! Time to circle the wagons and get ready for the inevitable onslaught of misinformation being pushed at the Legislature. At the first sniff we need to be ready to pour on the coal to hold the feet of the legislature to the fire in obeying their oath of office and to understand the purpose and intent of the Sunrise Act.


Do you have any insite as to who might introduce eather bill?

It would help on our attack

Would also like to know the names of the people on the coalition and who they rep?


Jay the Gov said they are only going to talk about Florida Home Owner Ins in the special session and that is it.

I know nothing about what is going on but did find this ,if it is of any help .

Roy Cooke

Special Session
Jennifer Turk (jturk@wmbb.com)
News 13 on your side
Friday, January 12, 2007

<DIV class=body>Tallahassee, Fla.- There are six drafts of bills already drawn for Tuesday’s special session.
One draft is the Uniform Building code act. Building codes are a high priority and law makers want to make modifications to wind protection and require a uniform application on certain standards when it comes to wind born debris.
All buildings will still be constructed under the Florida Building Codes, but when a storm hits, law makers want to help make the least amount of damage to other buildings.
Another bill on the draft table is the Home Enhancement and Loss Prevention Act. This bill protects you after the storm. It would require hurricane mitigation inspectors and wind certification inspectors to go through background checks. Legislatures also want inspectors to be certified and chosen by the state.
The Homeowners Rate Reduction Act would allow the state board of administration to come up with a formula for calculating the premium that should be paid on every $1,000 dollars of insured value on your home.
The calculation would be based on your zip code or where you live in the state. The type of construction and the type of insurance you have will also play a role in the calculation.
News 13 is on your side with a look at all drafts proposed for the special session.


:smiley: Thanks for all of your hard work Jay:D

Hi Gary,

There are some very slick lobbyists out there who may attempt to bury a home inspector licensing bill within an insurance bill, we must not let our guard down.


We have a coalition in NH that’s not in the best interest of home inspectors or NACHI.
Sounds similar so stay organized and fight it.

I will. Thanks Jay.

Can you tell me what the dempsey bill is and specifically what is meant by the coalition?


Anything being talked about during the special session.


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