WM - Flat over Garage, rest HIP

Hello there, I have this flat roof made with concrete above my garage… The rest of the roof is HIP… The concrete roof above the garage is not tied into the rest of the roof structure…

See below images.

would this concrete flat roof above the garage make it so the entire roof is considered ‘flat’?!

My opinion: for wind mitigation purposes
The roof above the garage counts towards total roof perimeter.
If the exterior of that garage is more than 10% of total roof perimeter,
(Other) is checked on 1802.
Also, can’t see the pic real good because the pic is pasted instead of attached.
Looks like there is an additional flat roof in the pool area???


Yes and so would the “flat section” to the right of the screen enclosure from the rear view.

I am not sure what I would do in this case. The flat roof is structural concrete, according to the OP, with a parapet wall (not going to blow off…ever). And, the other flat section appears to be large cricket with very little perimeter exposure.

With the cricket or whatever that is at the pool area aside:
I think this is why an adequete comment section needs to be added to the form.
If all ‘reinforced concrete roof’ documentation is avail, then other with remarks of the reinforced concrete portion.
Underwriter should go with hip?
That’s my wheels spinning������

After looking at this again, the flat portion of the main roof does indeed appear to be a section of mansard roof. This would be considered flat at the outer perimeter (two sides) and counted against the total perimeter. The concrete flat roof is still technically a flat roof, but I would most likely not count it in, and add a description of why I didn’t…up to the underwriter at that point. The mansard perimeter may just push it over the 10% mark and make the garage roof a moot point.

Hello, the flat section to the right of the screen enclosure is a porch area. It is above empty space… see below… the builder, John Parrot, really did some weird things here… I think the garage is really close to 10% of the total roof based on counting pixels in the image…

John, if you want to come out and look closer and think it is worthwhile, I will hire you.



It depends on how and what is attached, if it’s above habitable space, and if the structure was built after 2002. Hip credits are only for structures built 2002 and newer.

Before eveyone gets all flustered and the bashing begins:

[size=6]Florida [/size][FONT=Calibri,Calibri][size=4][FONT=Calibri,Calibri][size=4]Underwriting Binding Guidelines [/size][/FONT][/size][/FONT][size=3](02-12-2015 Edition) [/size]

[size=3][size=2]Hip Roof Credit – [FONT=Calibri,Calibri][size=2]For properties 2002 or newer, applicants may submit color photos of all building sides (minimum 4 photos) confirming [/size][/size][/FONT]100% hip roof system[FONT=Calibri,Calibri][size=2]. Roof must meet the OIR-B1-1802 (Rev. 01/12) Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form hip roof definition to obtain applicable credit. In the event the Company is unable to determine the roof geometry based on the photos provided, credits will be removed and to reinstate them, we will require the OIR-B1-1802 (Rev. 01/12) Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form. [/size][/FONT][/size][size=3][size=2]
****Note: [FONT=Calibri,Calibri][size=2]Opening Protection credit continues to require the OIR-B1-1802 (Rev. 01/12) Mitigation Form [/size][/size][/FONT]


You really do not have a clue, do you? Your second post is an insurance company guideline for granting HIP credit without an 1802…genius.:roll:

Doesn’t have to be habitable space for determination of whether the roof is counted or not. If it’s enclosed…it gets included, and it doesn’t matter how it’s attached.

Robert, I can appreciate that you read the insurance guideline for homes built 2002 or later. But just because it was built BEFORE 2002 doesn’t mean it can’t qualify for HIP Roof Credit.

Make sure you aren’t reading things too literally.

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