Woke up to this..

Yesterday sunny and warm. This morning this is what I found.:shock:

All I see is a light sprinkle of snow.
What are we looking for?

This Georgia. It should be 60 and sunny.

You’ll get no sympathy from us.

NASCAR trucks are due at the Atlanta track Wednesday. Will they be able to get in?

Thanks for sharing the snow… we are getting it now however it will be melted and gone by Thursday… Sat/Sun its suppose to be in the 60’s at which time I will have my FJR in the wind.

It has not stopped all day and the temp is dropping. Looks like ice will be the problem Wed-Thurs.:roll:

What? Someone stole the roof covering from your fancy outdoor canopy???:stuck_out_tongue:

Light the grill, burn some steaks. Stay off the road, ya might hurt yoself