Wolf in Sheep's Clothing? - HB-4776

A representative of Congress has introduced this bill in December of 2007.

On the surface, it looks like much ado about nothing.

So, I asked myself why ASHI is pushing it.

No reason at all, as the bill does nothing but inform consumers that an inspection is voluntary.

So… what is my concern?

Well, the bill should be amended so as to NEVER recommend one inspector or inspection association over another. I see this as an opportunity for more ASHI propoganda.

My advice: get involved and seek an amendment to never allow association or industry bias. Period. See if ASHI backs the amendments.

Wanna bet?

Here’s the bill’s text:


What a waste of public money.
They have to print a one page document, just to tell people that home inspections are voluntary? sheesh, you’d think they already know that…

This smacks of the recent IRS 40 million dollar mailing, just to tell us “the checks in the mail…” :shock: