Woman discovers mold in basement/crawl after buying home

As usual, several screw-ups, incompetence etc… short video

Can see at least a ‘partial’ interior system previously installed that lool, never stops water that enters through exterior cracks in basement or crawlspace walls, that enters through crawl walls that were NOT even parged which is most often the case. In other words, umm, there’s no exterior protection to stop water from entering through the dumb walls, got dat? sheesh

Am sure Gene the mold specialist is a good guy but yet again, another who opens their yapper on a subject he knows little if anything about… 3:20 he states, somewhat paraphrasing, ‘Water is getting trapped in the retaining wall and it can’t get out…’

If he is trying to say that if the was no retaining wall then, there would be no water getting in, he’s outta his mind on this subject.

Whether there’s a retaining wall or not, water/rain would still soak into the soil in those areas and, go through any un–parged blocks/joints, exterior cracks in walls!!! Come on.

In order to stop–prevent mold, you need to find the problems, the water source and then, stop it!! You can’t do that by removing a retaining wall(s), looollll

Water IS getting into this basement and crawlspace at least in-part because there are exterior cracks in the basement and crawl-walls, yep.

Gene the mold guy, is not the only one i hear say this incompetent crap about retaining walls… that they 'hold water, water gets trapped inside, it can’t get out and is part or all of some homeowners problems. Sheesh people, loool
Stay with what you do best and, it’s NOT basement, crawlspace waterproofing or foundation repair baby!

And in case some do know what the exterior of most crawl----walls look like, here you go, PHOTO
In this photo, you should be able to deduce there was NOTHING applied to the exterior crawl walls, no parging, no damproofing/waterproofing, zip.
Some exterior blocks have disintegrated and there were many other exterior openings where the water was getting into the crawl, but even IF there were NO deteriorated blocks and no cracks and no open joints, water would STILL have entered this crawl and many others like it.
One more photo… bowed etc

There were obviously several screw-ups with this Knoxville woman’s house, some were…

  1. the seller LIED
  2. FHA screwed-up, omitted material facts etc, come on!
  3. As usual, when the house was built, the exterior of the basement and crawlspace walls should have been waterproofed and backfilled correctly.
  4. the REALTOR should have kept their mouth shut… said, “it just needs to be AIRED OUT”, loool, i have some AIR for ya, got that???
  5. the lady herself should have tried to find a good, experienced Nachi inspector. Not just any home inspector. Say it like that because i know with all certainty that there are some HI’s who would not have found her problems or, maybe found some of her problems/mold but would have said/recommended incompetent crap etc
  6. the interior basement system, partial or whatever, did NOT stop ANY water that’s still entering through exterior cracks in walls or through crawl walls that have no protection, no parging etc

One more thing, what about radon gas, didn’t hear squat about that possibility.
On these types of basements that are abut to a crawl like this, open, radon can easily enter the basement space IF it’s in the soil around the house/walls or in the soil that is abut to the basement.

Yeah sure sure sure, there should have been thick visqueen etc placed over that soil in crawl but i’ll say again, that’s NOT the only reason there is mold on the crawl walls. Water IS getting into that crawl through exterior openings etc in the dang walls and one needs to STOP that water/moisture from getting inside in order to help stop the dumb mold. That’s one reason why quite a few interior system companies COVER, place plastic etc over most or all of basement or crawlspace walls, they want to hide/conceal water, mold, cracks, widening cracks etc, yep