Woman wanting me to mentor her long distance

Several months back I had a woman ask me if I would mentor her. I don’t remember her name but she lives in the N/W, Washington maybe?

At the time my plate was full but I had 2 inspectors drop out for full time jobs elsewhere so I am willing to try and see if it can work now.

I searched my PMs and found that they disappear after some time and her PM wasn’t found.

If she sees this and still has a desire, please PM me and we will talk again.

I haven’t seen her on the boards since our first interaction, so maybe she moved on to something else.

She will need to comment on something from our original communication for me to consider her again…sorry but I have gotten some real wackos emailing and PMing me, so I think she will understand.

I hope we connect again. :smile:



What?? :laughing: :flushed:

Thanks Chris.

I sent her a PM with Marc Goldenberg’s help finding the request post.