Wonder how the NYBFU handles these inspections?

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PS: Putnam County, NY will give a homeowner an "Electrical Contractor's License" for one year to do work in their own home?

I wonder how the NYBFU handles these inspections?


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Joe T.,

Always been one of my pet peeves (sp) here in Chemung County, NY. A homeowner is allowed to do plumbing or electrical work on their homes. However if they hired out - a licensed plumber is required but not a licensed electrician. Just never made any sense to me.

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In Rockland County, NY, a homeowner can also receive a license for one year to perform electrical work on their home. They are required to take an exam, administered by the Rockland County Board of Electrical Examiners; the licensing body. Now, in actuality, there may be 2 exams; one for service mast/drop/meter pan/entry cable, and the other for main panel and branch circuits.

The test is open book. I'm told that about 85% of those who take this exam cannot pass it. I took both exams and did, indeed, pass.

At that point, the "licensee homeowner" must apply for an electrical permit with the NYBFU electrical inspector, just the same as a regular licensed electrician. All work is subject to inspection.

But, unlike with some electricians who the inspector may be bamiliar with (and whose work may now always ne carefully scrutinized), not so with the "licensee homeowner" To the contrary, the homeowner's work is overly scrutinized.

The exam was designed so that no homeowner should be able to pass it. It's pretty tough, and contains stuff that a journeyman electrician usually knows. No walk in the park, even with the book. It covers wiring diagrams, load calcs, NEC rules and regulations, theoretical troubleshooting, etc.

I believe that the homeowner who passes this exam, gets an electrical permit, and whos work passes inspection, may inded have a superior job to what many licensed electrical contractors typically produce...

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Homeowners should be allowed to work on their own 'single' family home.

AND it should be inspected. No tests should be required.

A compentent inspector (electrical) should be able to spot the problems.

Mike P.

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under a permit, but think the line should be drawn at the service equipment/panel.

I understand they make the test for the "Homeowner Electrician" so tough to intentionally fail them ... which may not be such a good thing. Then they may be likely to do work without the permit/inspection, which I think is even more of a hazard ... ![icon_eek.gif](upload://yuxgmvDDEGIQPAyP9sRnK0D0CCY.gif)

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