Wonder if there was a home inspection done.

Did everyone see this. A Realtor is being s ued for not disclosing a snake infestation in a home. Wonder if a inspection was done?



I doubt a home inspection was done on the property.

It still amazes me why REA’s do not push pre-sale inspections. Bad electrical, PB water lines, bad roofs, and yet they complain about poor home sales.

Come on, REA’s. Get with it. Get a pre-sale inspection, do some repairs, and get more commissions and faster home sales because the price of the home will increase. And little or no litigation. Clueless.

With home selling so fast here, and being bid on, no REA will get a pre inspection. Most buyers will only ask for the BIG things to be fixed for fear of having the seller tell them to pound sand and take the next offer. And now most only give them 5 days for an inspection.
I have done only a very few (less than 10) seller inspections. Usually by FSBO homes wanting to get out.

a pest control company stated “burning the house down is the only way to get rid of them?”

I would fire anyone at my company that said something as stupid as that.

I did an inspection last winter where I found over a dozen skins through out the attics. I was scared ****less crawling around the attic. not of the snakes but the surprize of seeing one on zero notice. Lol. The buyers werent worried at all, oddly.