Wonderful Party

Thanks Nick and his great team at InterNACHI for making this a great event.

But before I sign off for the night, here is a little Christmas ditty and self promotion. Enjoy

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the new house,
not a home issue was present not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung as the fire did flare,
the chimney rebuilt and the mortar repaired.
The children were all nestled and snug in their bed,
the furnace was working there was nothing to dread.
With mamma on the love seat and I, in my chair,
had settled our brains for a long TV stare.
The smile of delight and wonderment on my face,
and pondered how I had purchase this place.
I signed the paperwork as quick as a flash
The mortgage broker has taken all my cash.
This was the house where children would grow
But first, are there issues?, I needed to know.
When out on the driveway there rose quite the clatter
I turned around and saw a huge ladder.
When what did my eyes see in growing amazement,
but a home inspector and my real estate agent.
The home inspector had been on quite the mission
His motto is “Educating Your Home Decision”.
Up on the roof top his trusty ladder climbed,
Searching and looking, then came the line,
“The roof is old and has a serious leak,
replace the shingles and sheathing up to the peak.”
The basement foundation the infrared imaging showed
no signs of water stains and likely no mold
The jolly home inspector almost break out into song
he waved and said “come and follow along”
Check lights, check sink, Check washer and dryer
At such a rapid pace, I thought he would tire.
Quick up the stairs to test the big jetted tub
which would I knew which would please my true belove
Flick all switches and every light test
I knew in an instant that this Inspector was the best
Then when he was finished and descended from the Attic
I was so tired that everything he said sounded like static
He gave me a quick summary and had been a great sport
he told me that in 24hrs I would get a digital report.
He collected his money and gave me a book
then he held my attention and gave me a serious look
“If you have any questions, any at all
I want to you email, text or call.”
I am glad I used my Realtor’s guy,
My Home Inspector is OREI