Wondering if I belong?

:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:, ps Nick you do not have to be so formal, bkelly is fine. :smiley:

First thing you will find out that you will get razed on this message board. If you do not get razed than I would start being concerned.

Secondly, just like some inspectors think that to inspect a HVAC system you need to had been a technician first. It is just an opinion just like must everything else on this message board.

Third, NACHI has somewhere practice tests for the NHIE exam and tons of free education that is for beginning inspectors. NACHI is the most newbie friendly of any other organization. You just cannot allow comments affect you in this business because you will definitely get some
douzes in the field, especially in your neck of the woods.

In my opinion, that most of these veteran inspectors earned their strips. I have been an inspector now for 10 years but I do not consider myself as good as most of these inspectors that have been inspecting more than 20 years. But being a newbie inspector will not keep you from being successful. Billy is just two years in this business and it looks like he has done more inspections than I did last month. It really has very little to do with how experienced an inspector you are, it is understanding marketing or getting a niche in the market.

If you need anything just let me know. Every once in a while I get down in your area on some mold jobs.

I agree with James. The message board has an edge to it that some just can’t stomach. It’s all among family though.

Good advice! :stuck_out_tongue:

Take the FREE NACHI test over and over again and take the FREE On-Line courses!

After that you will be able to pass the expensive {and easy} NHIE with no problems. :nachi::nachi::nachi:

That’s a bunch of hog-wash. You must pass the NHIE exam by 500. The 70% has no affect for passing and it is not an easy exam to pass. Apparently Brian had not taken the NHIE

Scott Patterson posted the pass rates for the beginners exam (NHIE) a while back and my recollection is that most everyone passed.

The last report that I viewed showed that the NHIE has a national pass ratio of 67%. Some states with lower pre-license education requirements had the lowest pass ratio, a few states were in the 50% range. So at 67% this means that one third of the folks that take the NHIE do not pass on the first try. This national average has been pretty consistent over the 10 year history of the NHIE.

Scott Patterson writes:

Thanks Scott. Seems reasonable.

Steve I’ll put it to you straight. Nick is in business to turn a profit and have fun because I truly think he has a passion for this profession. He does a ton for us for FREE. Nothing in this world is TOTALLY free. As for the National Exam. Have you ran across the database loaded with thousands of questions right here at NACHI yet? Spend some time go through them ask questions as you go to us and you’ll do just fine. Once you pass the exam and you will you will soon realize that no one here knows it all. EVERYONE has questions at some point and for the newbies me included you will again soon realize the $275 a year or whatever the payment is will be well worth it when you’ll have to use this message board TIME AND TIME again to help save your ***. Trust me I’ve been in some pickles and this message board along with the friends I’ve made to me is PRICELESS. EVERY HI needs friends in their hip pocket. Remember that because if you do soon will it be very clear why NACHI is the best organization on the face of the planet. The knowledge I have at my fingertips here is well worth the investment.

Did you notice how Scott Patterson took a shot at diploma mill ASHI’s total lack of educational requirements in his post? In case you missed it:

When even Scott Patterson starts beating up on diploma mill ASHI, you know it’s time for them to adopt some entrance requirements.

Hey Scott, since you are from Tennessee, what is the Passing rate for Tenneeseans when they take the NHIE?

Your “Homey”


I caught that Nick. Scott is truly a good person, even though he is a ASHI member and a board member for the NHIE. lol

I don’t recall even bringing ASHI into the thread?

I have never been happy with any of the associations membership requirements, including ASHI. Pretty much all of the entry requirements allow for inspectors to enter the profession without so much as every doing an inspection or writing a report.

The states set their own education requirements, most follow what other states have done or the sponsor of the legislation pulls a number from the air. Some states do not want to require more than 100 hours (less in some states) because they do not want to discriminate against some of the minority residents in the state. Yes, various caucuses in the legislature lobby for lower requirements for their constituents. But hey, they know who elects them!:mrgreen:

TN is right at 64% for the year.