Wondering What This IS????????

Could someone tell me what these things are for ?

Looks like twin lead for an old television antenna. The alligator clips would have attached to screws on the back of the set.

They all used to be this way


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The cable is a twin-lead balanced 300 Ohm radio and television antenna lead. Balanced 300 Ohm antenna leads are now rarely used. They have been replaced by unbalanced 75 Ohm antenna leads, inputs and outputs. A modern radio or television can be used with the old 300 Ohm twin-lead by using an impedance matching Bal-Un (aka balun).

lol it is surprising what you find, good thing for these old guys lolol

As a side note, the installation in the photo is improper. The spacing of the leads in a balanced antenna is important and it is equally important that no other conductors are in close proximity to the 300 Ohm antenna because the antenna will lose its balance and there will be significant transmission losses. That is one advantage to the newer unbalanced antennas.

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