wood- destroying insect

Hi folks:
By the chance does any one know where I can buy pesticide like fumigation bomb, dust, powder or …? I need something to kill wood- destroying insect, the problem is I don’t know which kind of insect has attacked to the building. I have to send it over sea so I need something that can kill different kind of w-di.


Nothing is available any longer in Canada .
Go to Home depot in Buffalo soon, as it might get banned there also soon…

importing/exporting may be unlawful
here may convince you, ymmv
the country of import may already allow more potent treatment chemicals and it would be best advised if species was determined prior to treatment

otherwise kill away at their own risk

Diatemaceous earth kills several bugs but the dust is hazardous to humans so care must be taken when applying. It is sold at Pool stores for older DE filters and it comes in a squeeze tube for home use (insects) but I don’t know if the latter is still available… but first as advised check import > export regulations.