Wood Fired Boiler (Exterior)

Looking for information with regard to exterior mounted Wood Fired Boilers that supplement a gas fired interior Boiler.

Owner thinks the make/model is York.

Any help is appreciated.






I am not aware of any YORK units. There are a lot of small manufactureres of these device in the northland.

Spoke with the Homeowner.

It is a “Wood Master” by Northwest Manufacturing, Inc.




Thanks, have you ever seen one of these units in operation?


Do you have any specific questions?

I have seen them used for full hydronic systems and for forced air systems by the use of a coil.

There are quite a few in this area though the price of haveing wood hauled continues to rise.

Some burn pallets or wood from their own woodlot.

It’s labor intensive but can be cheap to heat if you have the time to handle the wood.

These are OK as long as they are used in the country with lots of clearance between homes. They can produce a lot of smoke (unburnt hydrocarbons, patrticles) inj between calls for heat from the main T’stat. Vermont and New York, I believe, have some regulations allowing control of their installation.

I was surprised that Vermont was so tight on their regs. They may require a much higher chimney so that the smoke will be dispersed away from neighbours and an inspector may refuse to allow an installation if local topography was not favourable for the dispersal of smoke!! Makes sense though.


I used to own one…loved it!! It stayed with the house when we sold it. Now we’re on natural gas in a suburb.

If you have specific questions please call me anytime.