Wood foundation

My wife and I bought a wood foundation home a few years ago . We are finding some issues with the way the house was built as we are trying to do remodel projects . We did get the warranty from the builder but he is not taking any action to rectify these issues and we are getting scarred for our wellbeing and our sons as a few of the issues raise huge red flags for me.

I should add to that .
It started with a terrible ice dam in the valley of the house ( I can fix that) as I was repairing that , I found no ice and water at the eaves on the house.

Had a cold basement , proceeded to tear down drywall only to find missing insulation in the walls , decided to check the bond on the house and found it was not insulated as well.

Dropped the whole drywall ceiling , found a top chord cut out of a TJI along with ductwork not connected blah blah

Builder says that the cut TJI is not a structural issue

Had to move a drain line from main floor sink ,proceeded to cut concrete , and found that at two feet away from the wall the dirt begins to drop away from under the cement . To a total of five inches at the wall, used an inspection camera and saw black plastic on the exterior of the wood foundation then I reached in and pushed on it to find that there is no plywood I can push the plastic into dirt. Not to mention that the void in this spot is at least ten inches deep

You have already found some issues that would not be considered part of a visual home inspection.

It may be time to hire competent people to advise you on your next steps.

That may include structural engineer, a wood foundation contractor and others.

I would also contact the company that provided the wood foundation system.

Hopefully they will send a rep out to see if the builder installed the system according to their standards.

You need an independent set of eyes to make a determination on how to proceed.

What Mike advised, plus contact an attorney that specializes in your situation.

I am taking all the steps you are mentioning , I don’t think the builder was supplied with a framing package for the basement it seems to me that they just bought the materials and to built it. The local building department is no help. In fact he seems to be steering me away from taking any action . I have received a complaint package from the state of Michigan , and I am waiting for response back from them on if I can get a state inspector or engineer to meet with me. And contacting a lawyer this week . The thing that is appalling to me is the fact that it seems they didn’t even try to do anything right . It is so hard to understand that someone wouldn’t even make an effort to do their job correctly

If your state has one I would recommend contacting your Registrar of contractors. They have inspectors that will check out the work

You may be able to get some info here:

Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Corporations, Securities & Commercial Licensing
PO Box 30018
Lansing, MI 48909
Ph: (517) 241-9288
Fax: (517) 373-2162