Wood Siding

I was wondering, if cedar siding shows clear signs of cupping, is this something that should be stated in the home inspection report?

is the siding cedar planks or shakes? Got any pictures?

If it is 6" to 8-9" exposure cedar clapboard, yes, it should be mentioned. The cause would be nailing more than the recommended 1" maximum above the bottom of the board.

Did a litigation about 7 years ago on a good local prefinished product, Cape Cod Siding. the manufacturer specified nailing 1" inch up fromthe bottom of the clapboard; I could barely find a nail at 1" up from the bottom most were 2+" with some greater than 2.5"!!

The manufacturer, siding vendor and builder all shared the cost ($18,000+) of replacing the improperly installed product…it had been installed by a subtrade who just disappeared!!

Tongue and grove planks.

I have pic’s, but primary just wondering if Cupping is something that would be normally stated in a report at this point.

Where would you like the pic’s sent to if you would like to review them?

Tongue and grove plank.

I have picks, where would you like me to send them?
However, at this point I was just wondering if cupping is normally stated in inspection reports?