Woot Tablet PC

For those interested… not sure if it’s a good deal or not…

Well, it looks like its gone now. It was a refurb HP tablet for $600 and some change.

It’s still there. It’ll be there for the entire day, or sold out, whichever comes first.


I keep getting the home theater system which I think was from yesterday. Go figure:roll:

Sold out :frowning:

Hey Rob…
when you get to that page, hit the F5 button and it should refresh the page without going through your cookies.


If you guys want a good tablet deal,go here.

M. Thomas posted it last summer ,and it was going for $299 then.


Wasn’t a bad deal. Just bought one 2 weeks ago at Costco for $999, then they were $899 last week. Gone now here at least.