Word file Corrupted - unable to recover?

Hi, we’ve got a word file on a USB memory stick which has been corrupted beyond Words ability to recover.
The file is about 13Mb, and opens to display a page full of squares!
Opening in other programs such as notepad/wordpad/openoffice meets with similar results - blank, # or squares again!
Is there any way to retrieve the information in the file?
Many thanks.

**Hi David. Try this & then join INachi. ** :slight_smile:


Hi David,

I’m having the same problem now- did you find a solution for this?

So, why are you posting here? Call a computer tech. USB’s get corrupted with new 3.0 and 4.0 drives and windows updates and newer office versions. Need to scan the USB’s often. Must be an old USB.

Interesting it’s non-members having the issues. Curious what files (InterNACHI stuff ???) they are having problems with?