Word & Inspect it software

My questions are for anyone using the Inspect it software.

I have problems with Word shuting down and have to revitalize almost every time I use the program. Also If I hit edit undo it double spaces the hole report and then I can not figure out how to fix the program.

No one at Ahit can figure it out. Dominic has stated there have been inspectors that have switched over to his software as they have had problems with Inpsect it.


I use inspectit with Word 2007. Haven’t experienced your problem, but don’t really utilize the functionality of Inspectit all that much. Just use the main template, and edit it mostly.

Mark, can you try hitting the undo button within word and see if anything strange happens?

David, you might need to spend the few hundred to upgrade to Word 2007 if the problem is that the latest InspectIT requires it. Others would know better though.