Wording a statement that FHA wants on garage foundation

Did a seller inspection 10/1. Now seller wants a statement on foundation of garage for the buyers FHA inspector.


Garage floor poured even with top of block. Block is only visible on inside of garage and only the top of the block is visible and then only about 2" that the sill plate is not covering. No apparent broken block, no apparent cracks/missing mortar, however the core of every block that does not have the anchor bolt thru it is filled with foam.

Was thinking something like this…

At the time of the inspection on 10/1/20, no deficiencies were observed with the approximately 2" of the interior of the block foundation not covered by the sill plate. No other parts of the foundation were visible.


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One post is enough.

Randy Mayo, a P.E., answered here:

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Seems curious the seller (client) wants something added to satisfy an FHA inspector after the fact. Is the FHA inspector blind or is there some difference over their report? If you start changing reports every time someone requests it you’ll be doing a lot of editing.

I agree. Not changing my report. . Realtor had requested statement on block, so I wrote the above this morning. FHA didn’t like what I wrote above either, they wanted me to outright say that at the time of the inspection no structural issues were observed with the block and sill plate which I cannot do because:

1)Certifying structures is beyond the nature of a visual inspection.
2)Report states concern over wet sill plates affecting the structural integrity
3) I recommended they consult with a structural engineer.

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