Wordpress blog 1st post

Blogging works for SEO but although this is true blogging also takes time.

On my Wordpress site I was committed to having just a landing page and little else, my plan was to get SEO in other ways. Yesterday I thought screw it and just do a blog because its faster, and adds fresh content if you want the search engines to pick you up.

My posts will be outside the general inspection topics as I feel there are enough guys blogging about the importance of appliance inspections or why the mechanical systems must be checked so I decided my blog posts will be on other home topics. Post on the impotance of cleaning gutters? Not me although I do think this is a great topic.

My next blog post title will be “Sex and why its important when buying a home”.
No, it won’t be about sex but the title will get people to stop and read.

If any of you bloggers want to exchange ideas I am interested in talking.