Wordpress blog 1st post

Blogging works for SEO but although this is true blogging also takes time.

On my Wordpress site I was committed to having just a landing page and little else, my plan was to get SEO in other ways. Yesterday I thought screw it and just do a blog because its faster, and adds fresh content if you want the search engines to pick you up.

My posts will be outside the general inspection topics as I feel there are enough guys blogging about the importance of appliance inspections or why the mechanical systems must be checked so I decided my blog posts will be on other home topics. Post on the importance of cleaning gutters? Not me although I do think this is a great topic.

My next blog post title will be “Sex and why its important when buying a home”.
No, it won’t be about sex but the title will get people to stop and read.

If any of you bloggers want to exchange ideas I am interested in talking.

What is the link to your Blog? Good looking site. DId you build it yourself? If so what software did you use?

If there isn’t any mention of sex, people will feel lied too.

You have to bring it in some how if its in the title.

Yes I built the site with Wordpress. Really simple and you notice a “call to action” right away, in the middle and at the end.

My Blog is called Home Talk, its the last page on my site.

I suppose I could add some sex, after all SEX SELLS!:wink:

The sex article will be about inspecting for the genders. I’ve noticed that woman have different priorities and questions than men and as the inspector we are talking to the man one way and the woman another in the sense they don’t look at the same issue the same way. A woman may have concerns and her husband may have entirely different concerns.

Like I said, I will write outside the inspection as the site visitors may have other questions beyond the inspection, that’s what I want to help with.