Work flow and pay

I understand that most companies will start you at 50000 a year salary. What if the company can not produce for example 10 inspections a week which is required for the salary amount? How is work flow in southern California?

So you get $50k and they keep over $200k?


Who fed you that line of crap? Your HI school?


Yeah, but they pay for your vehicle, insurance, screwdriver and flashlight, pretty little uniform, Etc… :wink:


Wishful thinking…


I don’t know what state you’re in but in California, all of the companies I’ve seen hiring and a few I’ve spoken with usually start at 50k, company vehicle, 100 a month towards medical etc…

Right… would my salary fall below that?

With the high cost of living in California, 50k would be below the poverty level.


If they are offering a true salary, then they are required to pay you that regardless… But that could also backfire, meaning they could pay you the same even if working you like crazy.
Instead of asking us, you should ask the ones hiring…


I average 450 per inspection at 10 a week I woul get 234,0000 a year, figure it out, Im independent. I think your loosing out. In my first year I could buy my truck , and pay all other annual bills and still have over 100,000 left.

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