Work on Branding Your Inspection Business.

Branding takes time and effort.
Good article Nick!

Not if you’re “The Deal Killer”. Your name & image will spread like wildfire in no time at all :smiley:

Kind of catchy, but not the one I use Joshua

And/or the inspector that “charges too much”.

I’ve had two different RE agents, with two different companies, to tell me I should raise my prices!!

I’m not the cheapest, nor the most expensive. Closer to the middle to higher range.

I’m thinking about raising them to match the most expensive HI competitor. Work less, get paid more, right? :smiley:

That’s my motto.

I’m getting ready to raise my rates. I’m in the upper 1/3 in pricing here. I just started my 5th year.
Every year m average inspection fee has increased. I want to inspect less and make more. So far it looks like I am inspecting more and making more.

Someone please explain this concept to me.
Condo Bob

3rd grade math, Bob :smiley:

Charge $350 for inspection.

Takes 3 hours on site, plus 2 hours to do the report. $350/5 hours=$70 per hour. 5 days inspecting for $1750.

Now let’s inspect the exact same house, and charge $425.

3 hours on site, 2 for the report…$425/5= $85. 4 days inspection for $1700.

You just gave yourself a $15 per hour raise, and take Fridays off… I used to jump for joy when my boss gave me $1 per hour…