Work Order

I have been over seeing HUD projects for several years now. We have just got new contractors who have been complaining about my work orders that they do not understand them. I have found that if I go into great detail they get upset if I leave it as it is and reference the spec manual they get upset.

Does anyone have a better write up system for work orders

I am starting to get sick and tired of whining contractors, I feel Iowa should require some type of education for a contractor license, as of right now there is none you just ask for it.

How do I attached a pdf file to this, it uploads then it is not there

How big is your PDF? You should be able to upload it the same way as a photo

I’ve never been able to do that.

The PDF has to be pretty small 256 KB
Testing PDF upload on INACHI.pdf (131 KB)

The smallest I can get it is 296 kb

Not much of a pdf. I have one page brochures (without pics) that are larger than that. Many times I come accross pdf’s from online sources or are emailed to me that I wish to share and can’t.

That there is the likely problem. Florida’s G.C. license is know to be one of the toughest professional licenses to get in the entire state. All you would have to do is tell me what you need done and i would get it done. As long as I know what I am getting paid and I agree with it i’am on it. In the good ole days one would just say hey “BOB” I need this done i’ll add to your check and it would get done. Now days everything is a pain in the *** with paperwork and such.

use free tools “after you own the great program at a steel” to turn it into a jpeg them mail it to yourself and shrink then upload from your computer. The program is worth it just for the free tools you get with it.

clip of tools.JPG