Hi, I am a new inspector looking for work. any one in need of a good inspector? I want to work with astablished company so as to learn the business end.

Ohio General Contractor and Laborer : 1975-present
[FONT=Helvetica]1. [/FONT]excavation: basements, drainage tiles, grading, and utilities
[FONT=Helvetica]2. [/FONT]remodel/room additions
[FONT=Helvetica]• [/FONT]electrical
[FONT=Helvetica]• [/FONT]foundations/framing
[FONT=Helvetica]• [/FONT]heating/air conditioning
[FONT=Helvetica]• [/FONT]plumbing
[FONT=Helvetica]• [/FONT]roofing

  • portfolio of work available with photographs[FONT=Lucida Grande][/FONT]

Werling Homes LLC : 2000-2007
[FONT=Helvetica]•locate, evaluate and inspect residential properties for resale[/FONT]

Home Inspection: 2011-present
[FONT=Helvetica]•Hondros College[/FONT]
[FONT=Helvetica]•NACHI: certified and in good standing[/FONT]
[FONT=Helvetica]•Committed to ongoing education to acquire more certifications[/FONT]
:eight_pointed_black_star:portfolio of certificated areas available[FONT=Lucida Grande][/FONT]

Examples of Effectiveness
[FONT=Helvetica]•Labor-repaired homes for private individuals and businesses with work ranging from floor joist to ceiling. Created new room additions and kitchen remodel as well as decks.[/FONT]
[FONT=Helvetica]•Management-developed and maintained a real estate business to secure and revitalize twenty-six properties for sale.[/FONT]
[FONT=Helvetica]•Artisan-created custom roof trusses to maintain a particular pitch and recreated fence trellises to match those that were no longer available to purchase.[/FONT]
[FONT=Helvetica]•Communication-keen attention to detail and knowledge of housing construction (both old and new) allowing for clear and concise reports.[/FONT]

It is my objective to assist the general and business population through certified home inspection services of the highest quality, integrity and professionalism

Eric Needham 513-692-3112

Chances are you’ll have to travel out of Ohio. You just stated that you want to learn the business end and no competitor of yours is going to hire you, train you and watch you leave a year later.


<<Werling Homes LLC : 2000-2007
•locate, evaluate and inspect residential properties for resale>>

what does this mean?