Workers Comp Ins.

Anyone had any success with finding Workers Compensation insurance? Roof inspections seem to limit the options to JUA.

Don’t you do roof inspections from your ladder? :wink:

The new HI SOP mandates the inspector walk the roof. another example of our fearless leadership

Welcome to the world of a GC …you will find a policy starting @ $5000

If you have no employees, you can get an exemption from the State of Florida. They will provide you with a letter than you can provide to anyone who is asking for your coverage. It will basically state that you are not involved in the construction industry and it is “FREE” Have has this for 5-6 years now and have never had a problem.

The new HI SOP mandates the inspector walk the roof. another example of our fearless leadership

Really? Dont mind walking a roof in the right conditions, however, what is the excepton per SOP? Is there one? tile, old, 5/12 above??

No, another example of an inspector making comments about things they do not understand.

Another example of someone else writing our SOP we had little to do with, other than providing feedback after the fact.

I personally sent out the SOP more than a year ago, Russ asked for input many times. Another example of how inspectors like to complain but never want to do anything about it

btw, I walk every roof possible.

Isn’t licensing grand!

Seriously Mr. Chandler?

Did you not notice the “winky” face after my post?

You choose the message board to slam me? Goodness gracious old man grow up. Have a sense of humor… Geesh.

There you go Will, now you don’t have to walk the roof. You don’t have to check appliances, there is an out for that. You don’t have to check the structure, there is another out for that.

You are starting to remind me of someone…:shock:

In your previous rant with Russell, you stated all the things that you do and he doesn’t. It appears as though you don’t want to do the things he doesn’t…or does!:mrgreen:

I need to find an workers comp agent that will let me get that far. If you have any recommendations I would appreciate it. I’m very comfortable with limiting employees to the ladder.:slight_smile:

I’ll email you our Workers comp. Company info and agent :slight_smile:

Thank you Michelle, we got itand will be contact them. Your the best!:slight_smile: