Workers removed wrong roof

BREAKERS WEST, Fla., Sept. 28 (UPI) – A Florida man whose roof was removed by workers who confused his house for a neighbor’s said he is demanding his roof be replaced free of charge.

David Fischer, 76, said he was forced to return home early from a vacation this summer when Bossler Roofing contacted him to say the roof of his Breakers West house had mistakenly been removed, WPTV, West Palm Beach, Fla., reported Monday…

“You know, quite frankly, I don’t know. I don’t know what took place on that day … but in the end we simply acknowledge that there was a mistake,” he said…

Fischer said the company refused his demands to have the roof finished free of charge. Bossler offered to finish the roof at a steep discount – Fischer would only have to pay his insurance deductible – but Fischer said he does not believe he should have to pay at all.

He shouldn’t have to pay the roofer made the mistake. What’s not adding up for the roofer? I’m almost dumbfounded that he’s requesting money from a mistake he created.

Absolutely correct. He should not have to pay anything! I think he should be compensated for his distress.

Basically, they were trespassing and destroyed his property, there was no contract and the roofer is a numbskull for even asking for any money. He could have turned this in a windfall and made lemonade from lemons from a PR point of view. Instead he comes off looking and sounding like a schmuck.

File a CRIMINAL complaint agains the owner of the company and against EVERY single member of the crew for vandalism.

I had a landscaping company come out to my house (I was at work) and thet cut down two trees and all my bushes. The work order was for a house one block north of my house. Someone messed up one digit in th address on the work order.

I came home and stopped them. They appologized and said to call the company. I made sure that I got the names and addresses of all the workers before they left the site. Some complained, but I called the police and they halped me to obtain the info.

The company owner applogized, but did not want to reimbuse me for the trees (they were old and over 40’ tall). I then filed a criminal complaint against every worker and the owner (and the secretary to messed up the address).

I was, the next day (after they were arrested) contacted by the owner’s lawyer and a settlement was reached. Made $15,000 off the deal.

The great thing was, I never liked those trees anyway :wink:

If I was the owner, I’d say, “Sue me. And thanks for the new roof.”

He didn’t get a new roof put on. They discovered their mistake before putting a new roof on but after the old one was taken off. The company didn’t want to foot the bill to have a new roof installed. Went something like this. Sorry we tore your roof off, but if you give us some money we’ll put a new one on.:shock:

When I was in the roofing biz I once lost a bid to a very reputable competitor who bid about 1/2 the price I did on one particularly straightforward job. I couldn’t figure out how they could do it for that price so I kept my eye on the property and finally happened to drive by the home where I noticed that the roofers were all sitting around. I stopped by to try to see what was going on. The roofers explained that they had finished the back 1/2 of the home but then ran out of material. It turns out the estimator measured up one side of the roof but forgot to times by 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Will. Have them all arrested and start negotiations while they are sitting in jail.

I guess this is not uncommon as it happened to my home just this past July. I accepted a bid for a new roof that was almost 1/2 the price of 4 other estimates. First day tear off 1/2 of the roof and replace, second day tear off second half, sit around for 4 hours while waiting for delivery of more materials. Owner came out and re-measured the roof, NEVER said a thing to me. (job lead told me they under estimated materials by half) Sent me a bill for the agreed upon price, and I sent them a check. End of story.