Working at Heights training Ottawa

Working at Heights Training in Ottawa
Choose your date Feb.24 or Mar. 1

 Our PHPIC Working at Heights Training in Toronto was such a     success we have decided to offer the Ontario Ministry of Labour approved     course in Ottawa at the Days Inn Ottawa Airport,       366 Hunt Club Rd. 
Please review the forms where you will be able to choose a preferred date     and sign up.

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Thank you for your participation, we hope to offer more educational sessions again soon.

Allan Spisak - Chair
Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada 

Thanks Allan.
I get PHPIC monthly news letters.
Good work managing the association.
A job well done.

I am trying to arrange to attend.

I wish you were at arms length to the NHICC.
Maybe one day.

Keep up the good work!

Hope you can attend.

As for arms length from NHICC we are quite a bit away as PHPIC is an inspectors association and NHICC is a certification body.
We have our Board of Directors and our meetings and our goals to improve the inspection industry.
Our overlap would be that we help inspectors to understand the NHICC requirements for certification in that we review the inspectors background, education, experience. Then if they are short in an area we give them recommendations on the areas they need to meet the NHICC qualifications.
Any inspector can apply directly to NHICC without belonging to any association. We are similar to ANIEB in Quebec
who manages their association by guiding their inspectors through an independent certification process with NHICC.
If you have any questions please email me direct at

I don’t want to have this training topic go off path.

Thanks Allan

I don’t want to have this training topic go off path.
I concur.

Great work!
I certainly hope to attend.
I used 5 point harness for decades and work at heights most of my adult life.
Good training equals less injury or worse, fatalities.
Its not the fall that injures, but the objects that get in your way while in free flight or the sudden stop the inhibits a safe landing.:wink:

Allen, maybe you can set up a meeting place for attending members.
A Tim H or other starting local.
We can all meet and chat before we all leave.
If anyone has room they can take a homie without a car to the training.
Just an idea.

Allan, What the WAH training has taught us, is that the MoL still doesn’t get a home inspectors limits.

How are we supposed to put fall arrest equipment onto the roof when we can’t damage the property in any way?

My extension ladder weighs more than 25Kg, so under the Ladder safety I have to have 2 people to put the ladder up. There is only one of me, and I’m not paying a second inspector to just help me put up ladders. I can ask the realtor to do it, because my Insurance and WSIB coverage doesn’t cover them.

What the WAH training has taught me is that we simply can’t work off a ladder over 9m, comply with the law and be free of lawsuits from home owners who have had their shingles punctured by installation of an anchor kit.

I shall be sticking to my pole camera, binoculars and when I get my drone training, a drone. Anyone want to buy an extension ladder?