Working for NACHI again

Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful new year. I’m back working in the NACHI headquaters office for awhile.

Its insane here; every phone is ringing, faxes are constanly coming in, we are getting a new e-mail about every second and we have more mail than we know what to do with.

Welcome back Krystal. My office is just the opposite. Nice and quiet.

Glad to hear it I understand there was a lot of fire works in the sky last night celebrating your return .
Looked good from what I saw.
Wow! what a great way to get welcome back .
Roy Cooke

Great to see you today Krystal. Things are hopping at NACHI.

How’s school going Krystal?

Welcome back!

Hi Krystal,

Are you the young lady who was going to open a NACHI office in Los Angeles California? Did that program materialize? I’m old, maybe it wasn’t you who was coming to California to begin with. Maybe NACHI wasn’t ever coming to California.

In any case, welcome back to NACHI Colorado…

Happy New Year!

I live in and work for NACHI from California now, Nick just has me back in the Boulder office for 3 weeks while I’m off from school. NACHI is very busy right now. He has me working all of California and it sure is a big state. I’ve written all the legislators in California and asked them to keep me informed of any proposed licensing. I’ll update everyone here. We applied to have Nick’s class approved for real estate continuing education in California. We just had Mr. Steiner speak at the Sacramento Valley Chapter meeting 2 weeks ago And we have several nice events coming up. On January 25th we have the Butte County Chapter meeting in Chico, California On January 27th we have How to be and Expert Witness in Livermore, California And on February 17th we have HVAC training in Sacramento, California. Several members are doing Realtor trade shows next month also. There is another association’s convention taking place next week in Disneyland. Depending on the attendance of that event we may decide to hold a bigger one there in the summer. If you are planning any NACHI events don’t forget to email and let us know so that I can help you with it.

P.S. I sure love the weather in Southern California!

Wow, you’ve been busy. Are there any chapters in SoCal? The gentleman who owns the Orange County Chapter isn’t active and hasn’t held a meeting I believe in over 18 months. Not sure if he’s in business anymore or not. I do see the NoCal chapters having lots of meetings and events. I’ll try and attend one of those in the near future. The expert witness meeting is a little expensive for me, with a $295.00 fee plus airfare, hotel and or rental car and lost revenue while I’m up there, it really adds up.

Who’s having the event at disneyland?

Keep up the good work…

Will, the event at Disneyland is being held by ASHI.

Wendy, schools going great but its always good to be back in Colorado with everyone from the CO NACHI headquarter office.

Hi Krystal,

Had to give you a green box. Can’t have our star student going around with an ambibuously grey box now. :wink:

Glad to have you back, it hasn’t been the same around here without you. :slight_smile:

Take care,