Working in WA and ID???

Well, I was just getting ready to start working here in IL when my wife had a great job opportunity land in her lap. She got offered a job in Idaho that she coouldn’t pass up. (We’ve been trying to move out there for the last 5 years) I’ve been following the legislation discussion about WA.

Are there many inspectors that work in both ID and WA? We will be living in Post Falls for a while until we can get our house built in Newman Lake, WA.

Any tips/pointers?

Thanks and looking forward to the move.



There are a few of us in the Post Falls area who Inspect both in Idaho and Washington because we are so close to Spokane, there are more Inspectors in Spokane who inspect in Idaho, most Idaho Inspectors don’t want to mess with the Washington SPI Requirement, Idaho has no restrictions.

I live in Rathdrum, which abuts Post Falls, and is about 12 miles from Newman Lake, send me an email I’d be happy to help. If you are going to Inspect in Washington here’s a link to information on the SPI Requirements.

Be sure to pack your fishing gear.