Working offshore and running a home inspection business

Hello all, I currently work in the oilfield on a 21 days on 21 days off schedule. I am beginning to work my way away from the oilfield and into home inspection. My main concern with my current schedule is marketing towards realtors. I am afraid of spending a lot of time promoting and introducing myself to them and only when they recommend me to a home buyer for me to be offshore Every time and they eventually stop recommending me. Has anyone else started their business under similar circumstances?

I have also been researching with program to get certified by. AHIT has my most interest this far but I have read most people don’t like the software they offer with the course. Any other recommendations? Also, is there a collection of post for the news guys? I have searched but have come up empty handed. Thanks.

I went through the AHIT training in 2012 and had no problems with it, learned a lot. Before taking the national exam, I was fortunate to become an InterNACHI member though. Taking the practice exam several times made me feel pretty comfortable with taking the real test.

I quit inspecting when I went to work for Baker Hughes full time in well planning (wanted to learn the directional side of the business). Later I transferred to the field to train as a Directional Driller (had a background in drilling our own wells, then owning a small drilling company previously, so not as far fetched of a transition as it sounds, lol). Of course, 2 1/2 months later as I was finishing up my training, got laid off. The oilfield is nice when you aren’t hitting those highs and lows!

I also will be coming a member of Internachi before I take the national exam. And yes, I was extremely fortunate to keep my job through the downturn, even though we took numerous pay cuts. I really don’t wanna have to go through one of these again.

Starting a home inspection business when you have 100% of your time dedicated to it is hard enough. Just saying.

I think you will have a hard time staying on any Realtors referral list if you are not available 3 weeks out of every 6.

HomeAdvisor might be worth taking a look at. You can turn your lead flow on and off as you wish.

I do not think it will work.
Those new inspector,s who work at if full time have an extremely high failure rate . I would do as you are doing and take all the NACHI courses you can and visit this Form as much as you can and keep increasing your knowledge .
Good luck I wish you well. Roy

Thanks everyone for the advice. I know a couple people in real estate that are aware of my schedule that will be able to help me out in the beginning. I am waiting a few years, so I can invest in a few rental properties, before I dive into inspecting full time. In the mean time I would be happy with just 1 inspection per month for the experience and to cover my nachi membership and insurance.

Truth^^^ I have own an operated a handful of businesses ( all related to RE or construction) and was quite surprised with how much time it really took to get ours set up the way I wanted

Ahit was weak in my area and report is poor.

Look elsewhere.