Working with an apprentice

Hi, from what I read, seems like most inspectors work alone but I also read that some work in teams.

If you were able to get a good apprentice or a reliable easy to work with home inspector would you consider working in teams? Seems to me that if a company is busy, working in teams would probably reduce an inspection time by at least 60%.

I’m asking because I will not go on my own once I graduate, I’ll need to go with someone for a while to gain experience and knowledge. I need to be able to prove to an established inspector that taking me along will make it easier for them and increase revenue which I truly believe will be so.

What are your thoughts about working with an apprentice to possibly gain a long term team player.

Thanks for your time,


I have done it over a dozen times. Only two made through two years of apprenticeship before quitting. Schools fill their heads full of hopes and dreams, and then when they get into the real world they get discouraged. Sad but true.

Yep I agree many soon find out how this is not the business for me .30 started 3 are doing very well in the industry .
We by taking them out show them quickly what is involved .
This is great as many do not need to spend a lot of time money and it saves them a lot .
I too mentored with others back in 1998 being an Electrician gave me a good basic knowledge

We work in teams and I would not do it any other way. It may have something to do with my contracting background. I also think that the inspection industry is evolving and you may see more companies instead of individuals as consolidation occurs. A team of 3-4 in our company performs 3-5 inspections a day depending on the size and hours worked. It is a relaxed setting. My guys usually train under myself and another highly qualified inspector for a year prior to obtaining a license. In that training time they experience about 1000 inspections. They still don’t go out on their own but may be leading a quality team. We make them sign a training agreement and give incentives for meeting goals.