Works on iPad and iPhone

The Home Energy Inspection Tool works on your iPad and iPhone.

We also have a pencil-paper checklist.
InterNACHI-Home-Energy-Inspection-Checklist.pdf (134 KB)

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Thanks for sharing

What are inspectors charging for this?

Well Ben, I like your efforts, the way to inspected is really good. Good work!

Is there a charge for this at all?

Feedback is that inspectors are providing the online report to their client for up to $100 ($50 average). Many inspectors are including the Home Energy Report with their general home inspection service for free, and then using that to bump up the fee of the general home inspection. Either way, the Home Energy Report compliments the general home inspection really well.

In fact, we’ve put out some Homeowner Guides that are related to home energy that I think can be used to develop narratives and recommendations for a general home inspection report.

So far, we have two guides, and they’re available as PDF downloads from Generate a Home Energy Report in Just 5 Minutes - InterNACHI®