World Tour - It has Begun... what was it like...

Well i couldn’t resist - Nick is doing a world tour and i showed up at the first two meetings in Kansas

Nick did not disappoint… i continue to see him give more free stuff away and not selling anything while helping all of those that showed up over and over.

Every thing was discussed from…
Stay Back Sign
Brochure and Logo design - done for free for members
materials and tools for inspections
Unique selling points - over and over again
the 10,000 honor guarantee
Call Me Now button - truly brillant
incredible SEO Tips
and so much more

Nick was kind enough to allow me to share some on Brochure Makeovers

Nick also pulled apart 3 to 4 websites and gave incredible advice on how to improve them and turn them into selling machines

If the World Tour is coming even within a few hundred miles of you - don’t miss it - be there and learn how to get more business - immediately

If we are both lucky - i might even get to say Hi to you…

Mike Crow
Be successful… and Be Around Those That Are Successful.

I am disappointed.

I attended tonight’s marketing seminar in Topeka.

I am very upset that hardly anyone attended. Even in Wichita.

You missed out.

Nick’s and Mike’s presentations were awesome. The information provided was excellent. Just meeting these two gentlemen was worth the price. New up-to-date marketing, web site, brochure information was a bonus. I will be getting my money back; big time.

You missed out. If you can still attend, do so.

Nick giving me a hug when I left: priceless.

If anything like his talk in Vegas last year it was worth hearing.

I first met Nick, Ben, and Dom in Milwaukee a few years ago. Meeting them in person was worth the 300+ mile drive one way for a 2.5 hour evening!

You know I will be at this “World Tour” also (another 300+ mile journey)… if they can only confirm the date and location with enough advance notice!

Are they selling “World Tour” Tee shirts at the event??? :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Many thanks to Nick and Mike Crow for what was truly a working meeting! Every minute of the meeting was hands on and filled with practical advice and how to’s. If you truly want to improve your business, I strongly recommend attending. You will not be disappointed.


Matt Bailey
WIN Home Inspection

Very interesting and useful seminar. I’m glad that I made it. It was worth the time, and money.

Now I need to start applying all the ideas.

Thank you,

I am hoping to catch next week in King of Prussia, PA.
Business, Family and Life are overwhelming me right now…