World's most powerful flashlight.

That is defiantly wicked, to think in a crawl space using that thing, I’m sure you could find many items that you caused, leaky plumbing, holes in the ducting, improper (burnt holes in the joists, beams), but it could be the tool to take out that unwanted pest, how cool would that be until you burn the whole freakin house down.

Batteries??? Or do you need to split an atom to power it??

Don’t forget that it is on an stand it up on the counter OR place it in your holster.

SPF30 included?!

I love things that could explode… what?.. oh my.

I need to get my boy’s one of those.:twisted:

no no no no no no no no ! I don’t want one for fathers day!

A little solder, a little flux and you could actually fix the plumbing!

My 500 lumens light from Cabela’s is too close to that for comfort as it is!