World's Smallest Camera Drone - No FAA Registration

World’s Smallest Camera Drone - No FAA Registration

                                                                                 The Axis Vidius is a quadcopter that fits in  the palm of your hand -- it's roughly 1.5 inches square -- yet it's able  to livestream and record video in 420p. Axis says its Vidius model is  the smallest-ever camera-equipped drone, and it's so tiny that users  don't have to [register it with the Federal Aviation Administration]( (meaning it weighs less than .55 pounds).
                                                            The FAA launched  its online drone-registration program in December. It requires all  pilots, even hobbyists, to register their robots by February 19th -- it  will generally cost $5 per registration, but the FAA is waiving this  cost through January 20th. Information in the registry will be [public record]( In the program's first two days, the FAA collected [45,000 registrations](

The teensy Vidius drone may appeal to those who don’t want to deal with federal paperwork before flying, though it does have limitations. Pilots can stream a live video feed from the 'copter via WiFi, though it has a flight time of just five to seven minutes on a 20-minute USB charge. Vidius comes with a 2.4 gHz controller, and users can pilot it with a smartphone or tablet, as well. Vidius is up for pre-order now with a ship date of January 29th at the latest. It’s on sale for $75 before January 7th; afterwards, it’ll be $95.


I have the axis tiny drone without camera. Not impressed. Thought would be a fun toy for in the house, but it doesn’t do well…

Its 75 if you order today and you can get an additional 10 percent off with code “news10”

I might pick it up, that in impulse buy territory

What are the pros and cons?

I wonder if it could be controlled well enough to fly in an attic.

It likely could as there’s no wind, but it would take alot of focus and ability and the lack of light would render it completely useless

Where can you buy this. Couldn’t find it on Amazon

I would almost bet it would be useless for outside inspecting in even the slightest breeze.


If NOT what a great tool it good be for that quick 2 roof picts for the citizens roof condition report and even a great way to look at things up close on walls and such.

I wonder if you could inspect a soffit with it given the camera would have to soot upwards UNLESS these things can fly upside down which I do not know.

if anyone gets one please keep us informed.

Now that’s just silly, Mike. Use a camera pole if you can’t (or won’t) get on the roof. Try the zoom button on your camera for the soffit shots.:cool:

I have a trainer drone (non GPS), which is just under the .55lb limit (about 12" wide) and it’s a bear to control…sitting on my shelf gathering dust.

My boat hook camera pole is having a hard time closing and now I cannot find one with a threaded end for my paintbrush holder camera rig :slight_smile: Even with the pole I sometimes have to extend a 16’ ladder and the pole to get the shots. Not Often but sometimes.

Thanks :slight_smile: Appreciated. I must admit though I barely tried to solve that issue yet :slight_smile:

I think this would be a good indoor trainer but the poor camera resolution would not be useful for actual home inspections. I would also be concerned about any strong wind knocking it out of the sky. :slight_smile:

I might pick one up just to fly around the new office and see what tasty cookies Jesse brought in for the InterNACHI crew. All without having to leave my desk. :slight_smile:

Please help me get a job there :D, You know I can help with all the inspecting shooting and such. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: lol


Cookies to top all the rest…screw Facebook as the Corp to work for :slight_smile:

InterNACHI is the best inspector organization out there PERIOD.

Awesome, Meeker! They take good care of us here at InterNACHI and you know we like to have fun when we work. We had a blast working with you and Dennis down south!

Anytime, Anywhere, ANY PROJECT it was great fun.

No way a small drone like that will be able to get the feed/images you need. I have a 3dr solo with a gopro 4. and I take about 400 stills of a roof that is after I run alive stream video through my tablet. The solo has the GPS lock and you can hear it fighting even when a small breeze comes along. I don’t use it often but when I do it adds about 30 minutes to my inspection. My area has lots of tall 3 story homes with steep roofs. If you are going to do the drone thing even dornes under the.55 will be subject to law in june when the FAA slams down the hammer. The excuse of its a tool and I am not getting paid to use it will not work in a court of law. Inspectors will need to file a 333 with the FAA.