Worn out Spectroscope parts!

Need to get a few of the wing nuts and screws for my spectroscope. The brass insert has worn out, and the screw threads are also heavily worn. Anyone have a simple substitute solution? i.e. specs for the wingnut & bolt combo. I think its metric, about a 10-1x24. My guess is that this is happening to several people who have this tool. spectroscope%20wing%20nut|690x451 TIA.

Try your local hardware store.

Yea, but if Inspector outlet has boxes ready on the shelf, why go to a hardware store and spend all that time going through drawers for a best fit. Looking for the not obvious answers. Thank you.

I don’t know… but would be very surprised of inspector outlet had any parts for anything. Good luck.

Ditto in hardware store. I know that Lowe’s has bins of that as well at the end of the fastener aisle.

Does anyone even know where to get a spectroscope? It’s been “temporarily sold out” for over a year now.

I made mine with a painter’s pole, wifl camera and android device.

@sfetty How are you able to takes pictures with your camera on top of the pole? Is it an app on your phone. I have an android too. My camera is a Canon.

I have a Canon wifi camera… yes goto app store I think it is Canon Camera Connect app.

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Love to see a picture of your painters pole rig!

That’s what I did too. It works great!

That’s a weird question lol.
I don’t have a painters pole. I have a drone that works pretty good and it’s fun.

I’ll try to remember to take a couple pics tomorrow.

Here ya go.

I like it! Clever padded case for the camera. Now tell me about the camera and app. It is a Cannon that much I know, what model and does the app operate the zoom and the shutter or do you put it into a video mode and extract stills from it later?

The reason I ask is simply that I was under the impression that wi-fi cameras merely transmitted their photos via wi-fi. I must be missing something.

The majority of newer digital cameras have apps that include shutter release and remote viewing.

Like Dom said yes you can control zoom and shutter… and a whole lot more from the device. The first one I made… I already had the camera and the device… so it was under $80 bucks (I think) for the other stuff. The fishing belt is invaluable… I went about 6 months before I figured that out! :crazy_face: