Worst Attic & Rafter Support Question

Attic was a disaster, electrical, HVAC, etc. I believe the vertical “supports” shown would be considered kneewall bracing. Correct? Check out the metal studs placed for support! :slight_smile:

woodland 319.JPG

woodland 328.JPG

woodland 302.JPG

woodland 299.JPG

woodland 295.JPG

At least it’s insulated well :slight_smile:

The verticals are not necessary for a knee wall. There is a type of construction where the home has a middle hallway with rooms on each side. Vertical braces run from the joists on top of the walls to a girder installed under the rafters, sort of like the first photo. The girder is intended to provide a mid-span support for the rafters. Usually, these constructions have relatively long and low-angle rafter spans. This construction is adaptable to a knee wall, although the headroom is not enough to provide livable space–just storage space.

However, the construction in the photos, if as I describe here, is pretty inferior–and a bit scary.