Worst I have ever seen

Did a typical water intrusion inspection for a local condo association. Typical split faced block building (7 units) built in the last 5 years. And had typical problems; water damage, rotted wood, unflashed parapet wall coping stone, etc, but with an added dimension,


Seems like they were mainly in the ceiling / roof space. Furring strips and partition wall studs on top floor were completly shot, with roof AND floor trusses rotted and/or eaten.

Gonna have to completely gut this POS. Needless to say, the owners were NOT happy.

Most experts in the termite business say that it takes 7 years or more for termite colonies to develop. I have found termites in brand new homes and buildings. What happens is homes or buildings get built from formerly wooded areas, and termites are in the grounds of these areas where trees, or even older buildings once stood. I have seen worse. I have condemned three homes over the years due to structure damage from termites. Hard to determine total damage unless you tear-out sheet rock and flooring.

Many home owners, sellers, buyers, and RE agents just hate us for finding something wrong, when we are right. Then, we are the bad guys for finding a “bad” home.

The lender lost their commissions. The agent, broker, sellers agent all now lost their commissions. The agent will have to work harder to find another other home. The seller lost money, because the home did not sell. Now you are the “bad” inspector because you found something “bad”. You are now the “bad” guy, even when you did the right thing.

They all just do not get it.

This was not a pre-purchase inspection. The condo association (really, just two members) wanted an inspection with regards to water intrusion problems and we found this.

Now, it’s primarily up to the lawyers, suing the builder and the Architect.

Termite damage? That’s a rarity…