Worst nightmare

I was doing an inspection in Lake Okeechobee, I was in a craw space and I ran into a Bobcat, Man, I thought it was all over, It was hissing spiting at me, I was very lucky that day to get out of that tight space.

Bobcat? wtf were you drinking before you went down there???

Is this him Al ?

Damn. Glad you are alright. I thought you retired :slight_smile:

I’m not alone in the attic…



The 1st thing I see in the attic is this!


This is what I ran into on a vacant property inspection in South West Ranches & I was alone… My cell phone was in the truck, my truck was 30 yards away.


That was your chance to be inspector of the year. If you would of grab the cat stuck your metal detector in its *** and identified the spacing you would of received the cats *** award.