Worst patio roof job I've ever seen

Some things just make you wonder what were they thinking? :roll:

5356 Atchison 001.JPG

5356 Atchison 003.JPG

Am I on Candid Camera?

“Defect of the month”

Or “What were they smoking” :shock:

They didn’t want the nails showing on the underside. :roll::mrgreen::roll:

Funny thing is, there were maybe 20 sticking through, with some stains too ( no damage yet). Luckily we only got 5" of rain this year…

It would have been written up anyway because of the low slope, but this takes the cake.

Reminds me of watching a school of stingrays sunbathing on the surface.

Probably a roof over done by the homeowner. Now it is a tear off and redo

Of that I have no doubt. But the strange part to me is that the house was built in 2008, so even if the patio was built then, the roof would only be 6 years old.
The next door neighbor has a similar looking patio, with comp shingles :roll:, but it looks OK.

Just can’t imagine what happened to the original roof.

Oh well, not my job. :slight_smile:

That’s probably it.:o


Shawn you ain’t no good!