Worth thinking about.

In the words of Marcel…worth repeating.

Here is a good one Marcel.
Almost thought about starting a separate thread.

Got a call while I was walking a roof at today’s Inspection and the Agent for some client called to ask if I walk roofs.

Seems they hired a guy for a Condo Inspection and he refused to look at the roof,though the client was moving in right under it.

They fired him and called me.

I see guys here who say they do not because SOP does not require it.

They are right and I am making their money.:smile:
Go figure that one.

I told her no problem,that’s why they call me “Condo Bob” and she said “I know” ,I researched to find a guy “who does” look at common areas.

Clients and Agents are web savoy today and will research what you do or do not.

I also walk roofs when I can, but I will look in the attic first before I go on roof. you can sometimes tell more about a roof from underneath than you can on top.

True,though I could not squeeze into the hatch at the closet today,and had to raise my arms above my head just to peek in.
Saw short exhausts and new sheathing in spots.
Decided I might not walk the roof because it was so low and visible.
Did it anyway and noticed lack of kick outs.
From below I never would have thought to check.

Time to lay off those Big Mac’s Big Bob.:stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I lost 15 pounds in the last 3 weeks by laying off this before bedtime…http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/news-opinion/2009/12/the-20-most-sugary-breakfast-cereals.html

** Oatmeal Crisp Crunchy Almond those are my favorite I thought oatmeal and almonds were good for you.

ooops ,guess again.

Cereal is terrible for your health,
That’s why it tastes so good.

Switched to Green Tea during the day ,when I noticed every Doctor asking if I drank coffee.

Only from morning till bed.(double oppps)

Every morning a healthy milkshake with protein mix, avocado, banana, eggs, fresh or frozen fruit - makes me feel like 150 %

How about the recipe in detail? :smiley:

Damn…I have a cup of coffee and anything laying around. Makes me feel…well about 8% :slight_smile:

I often eat my first meal at night.

Mee too Bob…its not that I am not hungry…the day gets busy and I just forget.

From roof inspections to breakfast cereals in less than 5 posts. Maybe a record for thread drift?:smiley: Now I’m hungry:(